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Mobile Molecular Solutions to Advance One Health Initiatives

We strengthen our customers' capabilities in real-time pathogen identification and animal disease surveillance by bringing the lab to the sample.

Real-time PCR anywhere you need it

Biomeme transforms your smartphone into a mobile lab for advanced DNA detection. With the low cost, ease-of-use, and unparalleled field portability of our platform, we’re uniquely poised to rapidly advance One Health initiatives in wildlife health, conservation and management, emerging diseases, as well as emergency preparedness, response and recovery.

Photo of Jürgen A. Richt, KSU
African Swine Fever Virus in South Africa

Explore our collaborations

We work with companies, governments, researchers, nonprofits and other organizations to address complex, time-sensitive challenges on a worldwide scale. Anywhere there is DNA or RNA, our platform can be used to detect it. Watch the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) help save the tigers from Canine Distemper Virus or the Pennsylvania Game Commission test for White Nose Syndrome in bats.

Photo of Daniel P. Beiting, PennVet
Microbiome in Brazil

No lab equipment or special experience

Designed by scientists with the layperson in mind, our system performs to the gold standard used by the world’s most advanced central labs yet requires no lab equipment or special experience to use. In less than an hour, you can determine the presence or absence of the target(s) in your sample and the starting quantity all from a single, easy-to-use interface.

Photo of Ruth E. Richardson, Cornell
Aquatic Ecology eDNA in USA

Empowering anyone, anywhere

We've developed an open architecture to address a wide variety of sample and target types that enables you to pick and choose the components that work for you. Whether you work in the field, in a hospital, in an office or a lab, our proven hardware, software, and consumables can help you overcome your wildlife health and conservation challenges.

Photo of Max Perelman, Biomeme
Dengue Virus in Columbia

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